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Stress-free bidding process

Robust supply chains begin with an effective procurement strategy. However, when handling multiple carriers, efficiently managing your request for proposals (RFPs) can be challenging. Liberty Commercial’s integrated RFP management system enables you to conveniently organize and oversee all our proposals in one central location. Furthermore, we will support you throughout the entire bidding process, sparing you the time and stress associated with lengthy negotiations.

Our Strategic Approach To RFP's

Lasting Connections

Since its inception in 2014, Liberty Commercial has focused on cultivating a comprehensive network of top-tier carriers who rely on us for their freight management requirements. Our RFP clients benefit from our established relationships, enabling them to develop a dependable and proficient network of transportation partners.

Streamlined Paperwork

Liberty Commercial understands the importance of streamlining paperwork in order to enhance efficiency, reduce errors, and save time for both shippers and carriers. Streamlined paperwork involves simplifying and organizing the necessary documents for freight transportation, making it easier to manage and work with RFP. 

Calculated Procurement

Naturally, carriers vary in terms of their offerings and capabilities. Therefore, our team collaborates with you to meticulously identify the most suitable carriers that align with your shipping requirements, ensuring that you never expend time on proposals that don’t meet your objectives.

Experience a Better RFP

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