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To ensure shippers continually choose your fleet, it is crucial to maintain complete transparency throughout every phase of the shipping process. Our platform has been crafted to enhance customer satisfaction by offering dependable freight tracking tools, enabling you to closely monitor each shipment irrespective of its capacity.

4 Ways Liberty Drives Real-Time Tracking

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In-App Tracking Tools
Our fully integrated App, compatible with iOS and Android, gives you the power to manage your proposals, bookings, and shipments all in one place. Just log into the Liberty platform and track your haul moment-to-moment.

TMS Integration System​
Already have a TMS system you love? We make it easy to leverage your current software with fuss-free API or EDI integration that connects your TMS data to our Liberty platform. So you can organize your tools in a centralized location.
ELD Hardware Connectivity​
If you use ELD hardware on your existing fleet, Liberty can help you maximize your assets and increase the accuracy of your tracking tools. We connect your ELD devices to our network, giving you ongoing freight location updates.
Cell Data Tracking​
In today’s digital age, nearly every smart device can be used as a location-tracking tool. We help you use this to your advantage with network cell phone triangulation services that monitor the whereabouts of your fleet.

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